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Master Business Case 1.1

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When working on Master Business Case 1, when I’m doing the step 1.02 (Select “Go To Special” and then select “Blanks”), the whole Excel freezes for me. Everything is frozen, I can’t click on anything and I can’t do anything except force quit from Excel. When opening Excel after I’ve force quit it says that a problem occurred. I have tried like 10-15 times and same thing happens all the time

Hi! Excel hangs or freezes if Excel installation is not proper or latest updates are not installed.
Which Excel version are you using - 365 or Excel 2010?


Thanks for the answer. I’m using Excel 365.

I think this is an Excel functionality issue.
I recommend the following to avoid freezing
Step 1: Go To Special: Blanks – Excel highlights
Step 2: Right Click on one of the highlighted blank cells and select “Delete” You can see, Excel has removed all blank rows within the data set.

However, you will see blank rows below the data set for the time being; we can ignore them as they will not interfere with our analysis.

Alert!: Master Business Case 1- Excel Freezes or hangs-up by repeated use of Alert!: Master Business Case 1- Excel Freezes or hangs-up by repeated use of “Go To Special.”
This happens in some computers. The way to work around is to perform the action “Go To Special and delete blank cells" only once and not to repeat it. One time will remove all blank cells within the data set


On steps 3.00-3.13 on MBC 1 I experience a couple problems. For instance, when putting in the formula for “Unit Price in USD” in cell O2 and pressing enter, instead of calculating the math problem it just says "G2*N2). I have the same problem with “Revenue” and “Profit Margin” and I don’t know what to do?

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Most likely the cell O2 is formatted as a text which is why the Excel is treating =G2N2 as a text and not a formula. OR you have not entered “=” before the expression G2N2. Following steps might help:
(1) Change cell formatting of Cell O2 to number and;
(2) Enter the formula =G2*N2
(3) Copy the formula down the column
If this is not working, pl send a screen shot so that I can understand your situation better

Alternatively select data using Key board short cut Ctrl+A and then find blanks. This will prevent Excel from hanging up or freezing