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BUSCOM Mini Case 6.6

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Step 17, Table 8, After Tax Bonus: The sales manager would like to know the after tax bonus to be paid on the basis of commission computed in Table 7.
Assume that all salesperson are paid bonus (cell B67) and all of them are in the same marginal tax rate (cell B68).
He has created Table 8 (A70:E79) and he wants you to write the formula to compute the after tax bonus amount.
(a) Write a Smart formula in cell A71, copy it down to A79 and copy it across to E79.
You should write a formula such that when the formula is copied, it computes the after tax bonus amount correctly.
Do not hardcode values in formula, refer cells.
(b) Apply Conditional Formatting to the range A71:E79, Apply Green - Yellow - Red color scale

There doesn’t seem to be enough information to solve this. Please review and advise.
Thank you.

Hi Prof.
We will review and update the MiniCase with appropriate formula to compute the after tax bonus.