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BUSCOM Mini Case 6.1

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I am having problems using the flash fill. I know what formula I am supposed to use, but I guess it is not the right one because it is not filling up the table. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Hi Nailah,
Flash fill is not in this mini Case.
You have to copy down the formula.
Could you please post the formula here.

Im sorry, I meant to say copy the formula down and over to Cell E24. I am able to copy it straight down and get the correct answers, but I get zeros for the rest of the table when copied across. The formula I am using is =SUM(B5*B13). I have tried everything…

Thank you

Hi Nailah,
The referencing you are using is relative referencing, you will have to construct formulas using mixed references.
When you copy this formula (=SUM(B5xB13) to C21, the formula will change to =SUM(C5xC13).
We dont want this formula, we would like the formula to be =SUM(B5xC13), that is the cell reference B5 should remain as B5, it can be done by fixing the column reference, that is change B5 to $B5 in the original formula.
Please try it should work.
I will recommend you to go through LE 8.1 and 8.2 videos to understand mixed referencing.


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