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BUSCOM Mini Case 5.4

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I do not understand what I am doing wrong when trying to use the wildcard characters. I have tried everything and rewatched the videos. If anyone could guide me I would appreciate it.

Thank you

There are two wildcard characters.
First is * , means it will match 0 or more characters, e.g. if you enter g*e, it will match anything starting with g and ending with e, and in between there can be 0 or more characters, as an example it will match ge, google, gre etc
Second is ?, means it will match one character. so if you enter g??e, then it will match anything starting with g and ending with e, but it should have exactly two characters between g and e, so it will not match ge , gre , google. But it will match give, gave etc.
In Excel, when you are entering these, ensure that the filters are joined using Or (and not And), please see image below


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