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BUSCOM Mini Case 3.1

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I don’t seem to have this three icons on the right hand side of the pie chart (or on any other chart). What can I do o get them? (Picture below for illustration)

Hi Hampus,
We recommend you to use Excel 365 for the course.
When you say three icons - are you referring to the following icons?


Thank you very much for the answer. No I’m referring to these three icons
Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 11.25.52 PM

When you insert a chart in “Office 365”. these three icons appear on the right hand side of the graph (Pl see image). Pl remember, these icons are available only in Office 365 and not in any other Excel versions



Thanks for the answer. I have Excel 365 but the three icons don’t appear anyway.

Do you know how I can get the three icons? As I replied before I have Excel 365 (picture on previous post) but can’t find the three icons. Thank you so much för the help and answers.

Hi Hampus,
I did some research without much success. Suggested fixes are as below (1) Restart your Mac and (2) Reinstall Office 365. You can try - but I am not sure if that resolves the issue

Below is a workaround.
(1) Click anywhere on the chart. You will see the Ribbon tab “Chart Design” at the top ;(2) Select “Chart Design Tab.” (see pasted image at the bottom of this post)

(i) The leftmost icon is the same as the first of the three icons (from the top)
(ii) The command group “Chart Styles” in the middle section is the same as the second of the three icons
(iii) The icon “Select data” towards the right is the same as the 3rd icon