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BUSCOM Mini Case 11

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I am working on Mini Case 11.3 and when I am creating my histogram I can’t find any options to adjust the bin settings. Is there anything I can do? I use Excel 365.

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 9.03.41 AM

Hello Hampus,

  1. I do not use Mac, however, I searched and found the following link

The post mentions the following
“Select your histogram chart by clicking on one of the bins. The options to modify the bins will be available under the histogram tab in the Format Data Series panel on the right. So nothing to do with ‘Format axis’…”

Could you please try and see if you can change bin width and underflow?
2. Could you please click and see if there is an option to choose category and change the bin width?

  1. As an alternate, you can add the assignment file to Onedrive and add histogram using online Excel 365. Pls see the below link on how to do it



Thank you so much! It worked